General functionality tests

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The purpose of these tests is to ensure that the overall functionality of the system is in good order - e.g. all pages open without error, correct edit templates appear, all drop-down menus and auto-complete fields function properly, etc.

  • All buttons and menus open the expected pages
  • Correct edit templates appear in information object edit page, depending on user settings (isad, rad, dacs, dc, mods)
  • All import and export functions work
  • Uploaded digital objects generate thumbnails and reference display copies
  • Carousel viewers function correctly for multiple digital objects viewed at higher levels
  • All drop-down menus draw from the correct taxonomies
  • All auto-complete fields provide the correct values list
  • User can search for and select values in auto-complete fields
  • All multi-value fields work
  • Treeview hierarchies can be expanded and collapsed correctly
  • In edit templates, all edit and delete icons function correctly
  • All page elements are correctly positioned
    • Labels and content are correctly aligned
    • Search boxes appear in the right place
    • Buttons in button box are correctly sized and aligned
    • Language and user menus appear in the correct places
    • Logo, site title and site description are correctly aligned
    • Browse menus are correctly aligned
    • Tooltips and validation warnings are displayed correctly and consistently
  • Default themes display correctly: Dominion and ArchivesCanada (IE9+/Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers only)