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This is historical documentation that refers to the migration of the British Columbia Archival Union Catalogue (BCAUL) maintained by the AABC to the beta 1.0 version of ICA-AtoM, in 2008 and 2009. This page was first created in September of 2008, and its content was last updated on February 26, 2010. Its contents were migrated to the new AtoM wiki on July 3, 2015: no changes have been made to the original content, though some formatting may have been changed for greater readability, or to account for differences in styles between the two wikis. Dead external links may also have been removed. Otherwise, the content itself has not been altered.

Note: The BCAUL Pilot Project has been completed and the resulting website has been active since August 2009.

Project Overview

  • Project objective, background, partners, etc.


  • RAD template mock-ups for ICA-AtoM


  • Crosswalks between the relevant descriptive and exchange standards: ISAD(G), RAD, EAD, MARC21

Metadata mapping

  • ICA-AtoM import and export mappings

ICA-AtoM Migration/Installation

  • Activities related to the migration of the legacy BCAUL database to ICA-AtoM

Training material

  • Training material.

Final report

  • Project findings and recommendations

Issues and discussion

  • Any issues that arise that are not resolved on the spot.