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Release date: Coming soon (TBA)

Download link: atom-2.5.2.tar.gz (Link not active yet)

Release 2.5.1 is a bug fix release for AtoM 2.5. We've closed a number of bug tickets in order to address issues that arose with the 2.5 release - you can view more details on each ticket in our issue tracker at the following links:

Visit the Downloads page to download the most recent release, and consult the 2.5 Upgrading and Installation guides in our documentation for further information.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements


Issue numbers associated with new features and bug fixes listed below refer to the AtoM project issue tracker. Artefactual uses the issue tracker to track bug reports, development tasks, feature requirements, quality assurance testing, and related development discussion. You can use the numbers to search for the related issue ticket in our Issue tracker - often the tickets will include more information on how the feature was implemented.

  • #12782 - AtoM returns 200 HTTP status instead of 403 when bots and curl requests attempt to access restricted pages
  • #12830 - Docker: qtSwordPluginWorker ability never gets added to the worker
  • #13067 - Archivematica: DC metadata not imported into AtoM when DIP created from transfer in backlog
  • #13068 - Archivematica: AtoM not creating information object for re-ingested AIPs with updated metadata
  • #13070 - Copyright pop-up HTML content not rendering
  • #13106 - Markdown not working on edit theme page of repository records
  • #13108 - Job scheduler can't find worker after site title changes
  • #13109 - atoM worker service is unstable in systemd
  • #13113 - User menu breaks when there are no login, logout, or myProfile menu options
  • #13117 - Notify users of the need to restart the AtoM worker when the qtSwordPlugin is enabled/disabled via the user interface
  • #13119 - Upgrade Docker image and Docker Compose env to work with latest dependencies
  • #13124 - Full-width treeview paging button not shown for public users
  • #13131 - description and actor browse pages broken when markdown is disabled and more than one filter applied
  • #13137 - User interface layout broken by long site titles or large logos
  • #13139 - Add a security reporting policy to the AtoM code repository
  • #13143 - REST APO returns 200 status in error responses
  • #13144 - Creating a digital object without a path raises an error
  • #13145 - Digital object metadata is not visible when Markdown is disabled

And more!


For a full list of issues related to the 2.5.2 release, see the following links to our issue tracker: