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Release date: (upcoming, not yet released)

Download link: atom-2.5.4.tar.gz This link is NOT active yet!

Release 2.5.4 is a scalability and security patch release for AtoM 2.5. We've also closed several bug tickets, including a regression that caused the search box on the Taxonomy term view pages to stop working. You can view more details on each ticket in our issue tracker at the following links:

Visit the Downloads page to download the most recent release, and consult the 2.5 Upgrading and Installation guides in our documentation for further information.

Scalability enhancements


Issue numbers associated with the enhancements and bug fixes listed below refer to the AtoM project issue tracker. Artefactual uses the issue tracker to track bug reports, development tasks, feature requirements, quality assurance testing, and related development discussion. You can use the numbers to search for the related issue ticket in our Issue tracker - often the tickets will include more information on how the feature was implemented.

Based on a number of community reports about certain tasks timing out during large operations, we've included a number of performance enhancements originally intended for the upcoming 2.6 release in this 2.5.4 patch release. These include:

  • #13157 - Authority record edit page timeouts when multiple descriptions are related to the resource
  • #13175 - Improve Information Object Elasticsearch indexing speed
  • #13211 - The deletion of archival descriptions with a lot of descendants is prone to web server timeouts
  • #13236 - Investigate memory usage in PHP during digital object upload
  • #13250 - Editing/deleting a repository with a big amount of related descriptions can timeout
  • #13253 - Add --refresh or --update option to search:populate task

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • #13243 - Regression: identifier and title context lost on link digital object page
  • #13182 - Search box on term view page does not work
  • #13177 - Remove references to repositoryHoldings.js


For a full list of issues related to the 2.5.4 release, see the following links to our issue tracker: