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On this page you will find links to webinars and other video recordings that have been created about AtoM. Have a resource to add, or one that you know about which is publicly available? Please help us by adding it!


Check out these other relevant sections of our community resources:

Artefactual webinars and tutorials

In 2015, Artefactual Systems, lead developers of AtoM, began creating and delivering free AtoM webinars to help promote the application. After each webinar, Artefactual uploads video recordings of the sessions to YouTube. Below are a list of the webinars delivered so far:

Webinar recordings

Video tutorials

This 10-video series, produced with support from the Archives Society of Alberta, offers users an in-depth introduction to some of the command-line tools and tasks available in AtoM. The series begins with guidance on how to install the AtoM 2.3 Vagrant box for local testing and development, and then proceeds in subsequent videos to use this environment to walk users through many of the available CLI tasks.

Community webinars and videos

In this section, we'll add links to videos and webinars made and shared by community users.

Introduction to AtoM and archival description (Brazilian Portuguese)

Prepared by 4 students in the Department of Archival Science at the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES), this short video covers basic concepts of archival arrangement and description, and introduces AtoM as anopen source application that can be used to support these activities.

MemoryNS video tutorials (AtoM 2.1)

MemoryNS, the Nova Scotian archival union catalogue maintained by the Council of Nova Scotia Archives (CNSA), has created a number of video tutorials on searching, browsing, and much more, and included the playlist of videos in a static page in their AtoM instance. Check it out here:

AAO video: Help people find your archives with Archeion (AtoM 2.1)

The Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) maintains Archeion, a portal site for descriptions from archives across Ontario, Canada. In March 2015, they released a video overview of Archeion for their users. See it here:

Have you delivered a webinar? Or do you know where to find public recordings of previous community webinars? Please help us by adding it!