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Background AtoM UK Users’ Group was established in 2017 and the first meeting of the group was held in September 2017. As of September 2017 the group had 48 members representing 40 institutions.

Purpose of group The AtoM UK Users’ Group provides a friendly and informal forum for UK users to discuss AtoM and share experiences, workflows and use cases. It enables members to get feedback on their own work with AtoM and benefit from the experience of other users.

Who is it for? The group is open to individuals and organisations in the UK who are actively using, exploring or testing AtoM.

It is also open to representatives from user communities who are not using AtoM themselves but who can keep abreast with the group and signpost and promote us and our activities.

It is also open to relevant tool and service providers (particularly those that AtoM relies on) to enable open discussion on how these tools may be used within AtoM or enhanced.

Members may come from a variety of backgrounds and job roles - for example, archivists, librarians, curators, research data managers, IT staff.

There are no restrictions on the number of members, though individual meetings will have an upper limit for number of attendees.

Although originally established as a UK group, there has been some interest from Europe (and further afield) and we are happy to welcome other AtoM users to our meetings and email list if they are interested.

Meetings The UK AtoM group meets 2 or 3 times per year in different locations around the UK. The venue and format of the meetings will vary but they are intended to be friendly and informal and enable members to see how others are using AtoM and openly discuss what is and isn’t working well.

E-mail group The UK AtoM e-mail list is used to organise UK meetings, continue discussions and share documents after our meetings, share updates and progress reports and discuss ideas and areas for future collaboration. The group communicates via a JISC-mail listserv established as a private group . Only list members can see the posts to this group. The e-mail archive is not public.

Anne Barrett, Imperial University and Anna McNally, University of Westminster own and manage this list and can invite and add new members as appropriate. The UK AtoM e-mail list is not intended to duplicate the AtoM User Forum. Members of the UK group are encouraged to use the main user forum for help, advice and technical queries about AtoM.

Document sharing All group members have access to a Google drive where relevant documents and presentations from meetings can be accessed. These documents are organised according to date of meeting.

Web presence The group has no web site but has access to an area of the AtoM wiki where summary information about the group is held: This page can be edited by anyone with an AtoM wiki account.

Contact Anna McNally, Senior Archivist, University of Westminster Contact details