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This page will capture a brief summary of bug fixes and enhancements added to the accession module since the AtoM 2.0.0 release.

2.1 release fixes and enhancements

#6007 - Add full-text search to accessions in AtoM 2.x

With the upgrade to using Elasticsearch in AtoM 2.0.0, much of the search and browse functionality previously added in earlier ICA-AtoM releases had to be re-implemented. AtoM 2.1.0 saw the re-introduction of full-text search to the accession module, with field weighting.

A list of the indexed fields and their relative weights has been added to the 2.1 User Manual, here:

#7241 - Add title and acquisition date to accession browse

In AtoM 2.0, the accession browse page was a simple table, that only included the accession number and the date of the last update. This enhancement improved the search and browse page results for the accession module.

#6752 - Add qubitParentSlug column to Accessions CSV import template

This enhancement was a community pull request contributed by AtoM user Jen Whitney, following a discussion in the User Forum about linking imported accessions to existing descriptions in AtoM:

A slug pointing to an existing archival description in AtoM can be placed in the new qubitParentSlug column. On import, AtoM will create a link to the existing description.


After import, users must manually do 2 things: repopulate the search index, and manually increment the accessions counter in Admin > Settings.

2.2 release fixes and enhancements

#8223 - Improve sort options for Accession browse

Previously, the two standard options in AtoM for sorting were also present on the accessions browse page: Alphabetic, and Most recent. However, their behaviors are not intuitive:

  • Alphabetic sorts on the Accession number, not the Title of the accession as one might expect
  • Most recent sorts on an Updated column that is not visible when sorting alphabetically

This ehancement better clarifies and standardize existing options, and adds new sort options. The sort options are now:

  • Accession number
  • Acquisition date
  • Most recent
  • Title

Most recent's behavior stays the same; accession number, acquisition number, and title will now be alpha-sorted.

#8272 - Change Acquisition date display to ISO-formatting in Browse page

Previously, the Acquisition date column was displaying as dd/mm/yy, which was inconsistent with other date displays throughout the application. This not only adds greater consistency by using the ISO standard YYYY-MM-DD format, it also allows Acquisition date to sort properly with the enhancement described above.

TO DO: ADD Borthwick enhancements