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This page documents a new feature added to the Advanced search panel in AtoM 2.3, known as the Date range search. It allows users to search for a selection of records that either overlap with, or fall exactly within, a specified date range. The search is performed against the internal startDate and endDate fields in AtoM, which require ISO-8601 formatted date strings (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY), and *not* against the free-text Display date field, which is seen on a description's view page, and allows for typographical symbols and the like to express approximation or uncertainty (e.g. [190-?], [ca. 1940], etc).

Below, a bit of history about the development of feature will be included, followed by an explanation of some of the feature's characteristics, such as the difference between the "Exact" and "Overlapping" options available in the date range search.

Development background


Exact vs Overlapping