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This is historical development documentation relating to the AABC Data Migration Toolkit project (2010-2011). It has been migrated here from a now-defunct wiki for reference. The content in this page was first created and last updated March 22, 2011. This content was migrated to the AtoM wiki in July of 2015. Links have been updated where possible, and some presentation elements may have been to account for style differences between the two wikis. Otherwise, the content is the same. For more information, see the project landing page: AABC Data Migration Toolkit.


Anglican Archives is a participant in the AABC Data Migration Toolkit project.

Meeting March 11.2011

  • Melanie Wallace, Archivist for the Anglican Archives
  • Marilyn Ramen, Contract Librarian/Archivist
  • Artefactual Representatives: Peter VanGarderen, David Juhasz and Jessica Bushey

A review was undertaken of the current Inmagic DB/TextWorks system. Discussion revolved around determining what records the Anglican Archives needed to make available to patrons via ICA-AtoM and what records would be accessible only to in-house staff. Security requirements for sensitive records were also discussed. The Anglican Archives is in the process of creating a Digitization Policy and would like to incorporate uploading digital objects into ICA-AToM as part of their workflow procedures.

Original Sources for Migration

One (1) InMagic DB/TextWorks Database

  1. Accession table
  2. Description table - includes:
    • Archival descriptions
    • Architectural Plans (description only)
    • Photographs (description only)
  3. Diocese Office files table
  4. Diocese Records Management table
  5. Human Resources table
  6. Newspaper clipping table?

Data Migrated

  1. Description table (including architectural plan and graphic material descriptions)
  2. Diocese office files table (file-level descriptions linked to ? Fonds)

Data Not Migrated

  1. Accession Data - migrate to ICA-AtoM Release 1.2 which will have an Accessioning module
  2. Human Resources Database (This database will be left to stand alone - out of scope)
  3. Diocese Records Management files (Out of scope)
  4. Photographs (Descriptions with no linked files. Privacy Issues - out of scope)
  5. Newspapers (Unable to locate physical objects - out of scope)

Final Project Deliverables

  1. Migration of all source data to a single ICA-AtoM instance
  2. This process documentation