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This is historical development documentation relating to the AABC Data Migration Toolkit project (2010-2011). It has been migrated here from a now-defunct wiki for reference. The content in this page was first created and last updated on March 22, 2011. Content was migrated to the AtoM wiki in July of 2015. Links have been updated where possible, and some presentation elements may have been to account for style differences between the two wikis. Otherwise, the content is the same. For more information, see the project landing page: AABC Data Migration Toolkit.


University of Victoria Archives is a participant in the AABC Data Migration Toolkit project.

Meeting March 22.2011

  • Lara Wilson, University Archivist
  • Jane Morrison, Associate University Archivist
  • Artefactual Representatives: Peter VanGarderen, David Juhasz and Jessica Bushey

A review was undertaken of the current University of Victoria Archives. Discussion revolved around determining how to provide UVIC Archives with a more integrated approach to managing their holdings and providing online access to finding aids and digitized media. They currently provide high level descriptions of some of their holdings through the MemoryBC portal and provide access to digitized photographs through an online image database powered by WebObjects. Discussion revolved around current sources for archival description, redundancy of data, structured and unstructured finding aids. It was determined that the Master version of Archival Descriptions are contained in the Microsoft Office word documents, and that all other instances (Filemaker Pro database and PDFs exported to MemoryBC) were not needed.

Original Sources for Migration

  1. Archival Descriptions in Memory BC
  2. Archival Descriptions in FileMaker Pro database
  3. Historical Photographs database (descriptions plus reference and thumbnail images)
  4. Finding Aids in Microsoft Office word documents
  5. Finding Aids in PDF (for export to MemoryBC)

Data Migrated

  1. Historical Photographs database and images
  2. Finding Aids in Microsoft Office word documents (if possible to automate)
  3. Archival Descriptions in MemoryBC

Data Not Migrated

  1. Finding Aids in PDF (for export into MemoryBC)
  2. Archival Descriptions in FileMaker Pro database