BCAUL Pilot project: ICA-AtoM Migration and installation

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May - June 2009

  • Post-import QA and cleanup
    • Repository 'type' field may contain multiple values (saved as one)
    • Contact Information 'Phone' field may contain multiple values (saved as one)
    • BCAUL 'Names' field contained multiple name access points (incl. repeating value for Creator (Provenance). Move into a note field for future insertion as separate name access points
    • BCAUL 'Phys desc note' field appended to 'Physical description'
    • Need to link Subject & Place access points?
    • 'Online Finding Aid' links appended to 'Finding Aid' data
  • Deploy ICA-AtoM/MemoryBC staging and production servers to hosting platform
    • verify backup
    • Artefactual will do monthly data dump and load between staging and production servers until workflow features are added in release 1.0.8
  • MemoryBC customizations to ICA-AtoM
    • set up 'Rules or conventions' field to enter RAD as default value
    • denote mandatory fields with a red asterik until full data validation is added in ICA-AtoM 1.1
    • add field for on-line resource links to RAD template
    • set language to default to English
    • set country (repository contact info) to default to Canada
    • remove country from repository list screen (since it's always Canada)
    • set status to default to 'draft' on staging server and 'final' on production server?
    • find a way to enable links to OnlineFindingAids
  • MemoryBC specific documentation
    • tipsheet
    • update user manual documentation to explain the 'new event' box in more detail, including a list which traces each event type to its source in RAD
    • changes to tutorial:
      • tell the user to look for a pre-existing authority record before adding a new one
      • clarify that dates in authority record are not the same thing as record creation dates
      • change date range in fonds-level archival description from "1902-1964 (predominant 1930-1964)" to "1902-1964, predominant 1930-1964" to comply with RAD
      • add source of title proper notes to all levels of archival description
      • indicate that Scope and Content field has no limit on amount of text; point out that data field is extendable in edit screen (do this for other major fields as well, such as History field in authority record)
      • add extra data to physical description field in archival description to point out that this is accomplished by hitting return after each entry
      • add lists of place and name access points as appendices
      • change title of authority record from Anna Dexter to Dexter, Anna
      • fix punctuation in RAD note fields etc.
  • Implement statistics/reports (Google Analytics account)
    • Total requests
    • Computed visits
    • Average visit time
    • Different IP addresses
    • More than one visit
    • Average requests per visit
  • Make copies of PDF directories (burn CD?) and send to institutions for uploading to their own servers
    • United Church still have original copies
    • City of Victoria Archives still have original copies (want PDFs wiped from old server)
    • BC Medical Association: directory of a number of files
  • Move to aabc.ca
    • freeze new static page content on aabc.bc.ca
    • add new aabc.ca header to all static pages and upload to aabc.ca
    • setup ftp access to aabc.ca
    • setup new aabc.ca email accounts
    • redirect aabc.bc.ca links to corresponding location on aabc.ca
  • Soft launch
  • add (currently active) filtered views
    • Anglican Church Archives Network, Chilliwack Museum and Archives, Campbell River Museum and Archives, Fort Steele Heritage Town Archives, Nanaimo Community Archives, North Vancouver Museum and Archives, Simon Fraser University Archives, United Church BC Conference, University of Victoria

July - November 2009

  • Migrate staging server data to production server
  • test EAD import
    • from SFU
    • from InMagic, other vendors?
  • implement new content workflow
    • nice to have (from LAC feedback): display newly entered/imported content in table with 'Repository name,the fonds Title, and the date of upload, sorted by province.'
  • Establish policy/guidelines for:
    • filtered views policy/service
    • digital object upload/linking policy/service
    • guidelines for maintaining shared authority records
    • guidelines for entering multi-repository fonds
  • production launch

BCAUL Legacy import mapping issues

Issues related to exporting the legacy BCAUL data and importing it into ICA-AtoM

  • Repository database (~180 records) & BCAUL archival description dbase (~10,000 records)
  • XML tagged export will be the method used for the migration
  • Need to do a search and replace on all element names that include a blank space to eliminate the space (otherwise XML won't validate)
  • Repository database
    • finished custom Repository dbase import mapping
    • strategy to deal with embedded HTML style tags
      <BR /> & <P> & <a>
      • solution: Search and Replace with
        <!CDATA[[ ]]>
        tags, preserves all the HTML markup
    • removed any www.aabc.rep_bc/display? links (used in
      tags to point users to individual repository listings)
  • BCAUL database
    • same issues with embedded HTML tags as Repo dbase
    • Mapping to do:
      • PartOf field (link to parent id)
      • Names (duplicates the provenance link but also contains multi-values, seperated by semi-colon
      • OnlineFindingAid - where to map?
      • Provenace (dates are included in the Provenance string, need to clean-up)
      • Source of Title note
      • Dates (need editable events to split-up multi-values)
    • issue with file size (16MB) and XML import. Need to strip down into smaller files.