Release 1.0.2-beta

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Released August 8th, 2008

Includes several major improvements to the web installer and a number of critical bug fixes

  • Enhancement: added memory check to installer and added warning message if PHP memory limit is set to less than 64MB
  • Enhancement: switched to JPEG images for auto generated thumbnails and reference display copy because they require significantly less memory than an equivalent PNG encoded image (and the lossiness of JPEG is usually acceptable for these image types)
  • Fix: bug with installer that caused Apache mod_rewrite check to pass incorrectly
  • Fix: prevented redirecting back to the proper archival description after editing or deleting a related physical storage object, issue #2341
  • Fix: caused a fatal error when trying to display web links in the archival institution Contact area, issue #2320
  • Fix: to allow specifying the width of reference images, issue 2284
  • Fix: by removing auto population of password field on installer configure database page, issue 2356
  • Fix: which was preventing the creation of thumbnails for some multi page PDF files, issue 2347
  • Fix: several fixes to CSS to resolve display issues

To see all issues closed related to this release, see:

For technical details on changes to the Qubit Open Information Management Toolkit for this release, see commits 1301:1336,