Release 1.0.3-beta

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Released October 9th, 2008

Includes feature enhancements for paging, sorting, and multi select data entry. It also adds automated functional testing

  • Enhancement: add Paging to browse lists, issue #2382
  • Enhancement: add Paging to search hit list, commit 1393
  • Enhancement: add culture fallback for sorted lists, issue #2107
  • Enhancement: multiple select boxes for access points, physical objects and language and script (control area) with JavaScript, issue 348
  • Enhancement: add Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Slovenian, German, Icelandic and Italian as i18n language options in the admin settings
  • Enhancement: Selenium IDE test suites and documentation, see qubit:Testing
  • Fix: i18n: Name access point list blank in any language but English, issue #2407
  • Fix: search/keyword paging breaking on quotation marks, issue 2402
  • Fix: repository edit screen switching to person/organization edit screen when deleting certain elements, issue #2401
  • Fix: add Search result page to the list of translate pages, issue #2399
  • Fix: problem with search - characters ã, ç, etc., issue #2378
  • Fix: warning: iconv() Invalid character warning submitting Spanish info, issue #2369
  • Fix: translate page not loading properly in translator version of ICA-AtoM, issue #2359
  • Fix: column headers still active links but don't go anywhere, issue #2282
  • Fix: apply culture fallback when naming newly uploaded digital objects, issue #2277
  • Fix: installer warning links broken, issue #2403

For a full summary of bug fixes and features in this release, see:

For technical details on changes to the Qubit Open Information Management Toolkit for this release, see commits 1346:1450,