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Released Nov 22nd, 2010 | Download: icaatom-1.1.tgz

Release 1.1 is the first non-beta release of ICA-AtoM! In addition to improved stability and scalability, new features include human-friendly permalinks for all public pages (archival descriptions, authority records, archival institutions, functions, etc.), import and export of SKOS and EAC-CPF XML documents, and lots of bug fixes and enhancements.

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New features

  • Permalinks, issue #3064
  • EAC-CPF import and export, issue #2088
  • SKOS import and export
  • Context-sensitive tooltip help messages for all edit templates, issue #2102
  • Check for updates, issue #3476
  • New search page ("Description updates") to find new or updated records by date range and/or publication status, issue #3117 and issue #3658
  • Improved data-entry fields for dates in archival descriptions, authority records and functions


  • Display name and type fields in physical storage for public users, issue #3278
  • Added mouseover tooltips in node treeviews to show whole labels, issue #3523
  • Term "add new" button adds the new term as a child (like information object "add new"), issue #3483
  • Improved term edit screen validation, issue #3643
  • Improved RAD validation, issue #3169
  • Admin setting for default publication status of new archival descriptions
  • Admin setting for uploading multi-page files - either break into one description per page or keep as single digital asset, issue #3550
  • Metadata plugins (ISAD, DC, RAD, ISAAR, etc.) and event components were re-factored for consistency and maintainability
  • Track the standard used to input or revise QubitObjects, issue #2086
  • Improved style for Archival institution contact information
  • Upgrade to symfony 1.4


  • Improved right-to-left script support

Bug fixes

  • Issue #3511 - Draft descriptions not displayed for allowed repositories
  • Issue #3770 - User with view draft permissions for one repository can view draft descriptions belonging to other repositories
  • Issue #3811 - Can't add group permissions by information object
  • Issue #3813 - User can't reset own password
  • Issue #3832 - When default publication status set to published, search by unauthenticated user doesn't find records
  • Issue #3826 - Term treeview "+XX more..." link loads ALL taxonomy terms
  • Issue #3736 - In IE, repository URL not fully displayed
  • Issue #3680 - Line breaks not appearing in RAD Sources field in show screen
  • Issue #3664 - Line breaks not appearing in RAD, DC, MODS and ISDF show screens
  • Issue #3716 - In rad show screen, multiple "other notes" display without paragraph breaks
  • Issue #3645 - Logo styling problem in Columbia theme
  • Issue #3561 - Navigation menu is not shown correctly in IE6/IE7
  • Issue #3560 - Autocomplete drop down lists are not shown correctly in IE6/IE7
  • Issue #3552 - Free text fields in isdf page view not showing paragraph breaks
  • Issue #3189 - User render_show on all templates to ensure proper formatting of linebreaks
  • Issue #3185 - Autocomplete inputs show unnecessary margin top
  • Issue #2847 - DC XML export validation
  • Issue #3843 - EAD import doesn't import note fields
  • Issue #3612 - Error exporting description to EAD xml file
  • Issue #3751 - Uploading digital objects whose mimetype is unknown breaks search
  • Issue #3840 - When duplicate RAD description, place term is removed from the source object
  • Issue #3634 - Can't delete repository from information object
  • Issue #3628 - Repository not inherited from immediate parent level
  • Issue #3547 - Non-creation relationships become creation relationships when information object is edited
  • Issue #3219 - In ISAD, entering only end date results in no date being saved
  • Issue #3210 - Repository -> edit contact info -> cancel goes to actor edit screen
  • Issue #3120 - Inconsistent delete icon appearance
  • Issue #3262 - Entering only end year in ISDF relationship dialogue results in date not appearing in edit screen until after the record is saved once
  • Issue #2765 - Context menu for archival description should show most immediate creator
  • Issue #3561 - Navigation menu is not shown correctly in IE6/IE7
  • Issue #3489 - When switching language, event information not displayed in show screen in DC/RAD/MODS templates
  • Issue #3684 - "Untitled" string is not translated
  • Issue #3450 - When viewing DC information objects in other languages, untranslated places appear as URLs
  • Issue #2826 - In ISAD(G) template, start and end year dates and date display do not appear when language view is changed
  • Issue #2410 - Search by subject term does not retrieve results if term was created in another language
  • Issue #3663 - Legacy archival descriptions have no publication status (Migration)
  • Issue #3544 - Can't delete container
  • Issue #3819 - Saving ISAAR record with spaces between paragraphs in free text fields results in 404 error
  • Issue #3822 - Saving RAD, DC or MODS record with carriage returns in free text fields results in 404 page not found error
  • Issue #3582 - Adminstrative/biographic history missing paragraph breaks (ISAD)
  • Issue #3556 - Actor name autocompletes very slow
  • Issue #3574 - In RAD edit template, appears "Custodian" instead of "Custody" in events area
  • Issue #3564 - Non-preferred terms not shown in access point autocompletes
  • Issue #3590 - Warn users when new terms with repeated name values are created
  • Issue #3225 - Validation in user template should be look and function same way as in other templates
  • Issue #3227 - In ISDIAH record, user can enter multiple primary contacts
  • Issue #3228 - When switching to another language, warning appears in ISDIAH show screen for authorized form of name
  • Issue #3609 - Level of description validation inconsistent (ISAD)
  • Issue #3610 - Date validation is not consistent (ISAD)
  • Issue #3699 - Change text in RAD item-level validation warnings
  • Issue #3639 - Wildcard searches using too few letters in actor/repository searches result in 500 internal server error
  • Issue #3608 - Search query with quotes doesn't appear in search box
  • Issue #3578 - Search query in browse page search fields are shown in the main search field
  • Issue #3456 - "And not" searches get no results
  • Issue #3454 - Searches do not find subject or place terms if the names of the terms have been changed
  • Issue #3249 - Making boolean operator mistakes in search results in 500 Internal Server error
  • Issue #3226 - Can't search on name access points
  • Issue #2990 - Editing subject term changes the term in related information objects but does not automatically update search index
  • Issue #2410 - Search by subject term does not retrieve results if term was created in another language

For a complete list of bug fixes and enhancements associated with this release, please see: