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Released December 16, 2013

NOTE: AtoM 2.0.1 was released during a period in which a major branding change was underway, distinguishing it from the previous 1.x ICA-AtoM branding. While plans were underway for a new wiki, Artefactual did not want to confuse the new branding transition by posting the release announcement on either the ICA-AtoM or Qubit-Toolkit wikis. Instead, the 2.0.1. release announcement was originally made in the AtoM User Forum. The following is copied from the original User forum post, which can be found here:

Greeting AtoM users!

We are happy to announce that a new AtoM maintenance release (2.0.1) is now available.

This is a minor release, comprised primarily of bug fixes - though we are happy to report that we've included one new minor feature in this release. There are at least 26 issue tickets that have been closed in the 2.0.1 fix - thanks to community users Tim Hutchinson, Creighton Barrett, Jen Whitney, and Valerie Léveillé for reporting issues that were addressed in this round of fixes! Highlights of the issues addressed include:

New minor feature!

  1. 5757 - Add search in the user list

A basic search bar, for searching user names and email addresses, has been added to the Users list page, to help administrators managing many user accounts. This is especially useful for administrators of networks and other multi-repository sites. We've added documentation for this search bar in our new documentation here:

Improved usability tweaks!

"Add new" buttons have been added to the browse/list pages for Donors, Rights holders, Physical objects and Functions, which improves the creation workflow for these kinds of records - previously, if they weren't generated from a pop-up dialog on a related record (e.g. adding a donor via a new accession; adding a new physical storage location to an archival description) and the user didn't have a record already in the system, there was no easy means to add a new record - see issue #5562 - Add donor inaccessible via GUI unless Donors are already present

Here are a couple other issues we've resolved that improve usability:

  1. 5679 - Stop log-in button from redirecting user to home page
  2. 5858 - Optimize subject and place autocomplete query
  3. 5745 - Cancelling an edit to a term returns user to taxonomies list instead of terms list
  4. 5581 - Populate top-level descriptions filter in advanced search after a search
  5. 5481 - Add DACS tooltips

Fixes to command-line administrative tools:

  1. 5667 - The task propel:build-nested-set freezes on large nested sets (>400K nodes)
  2. 5761 - Populating search from command line gives PHP Fatal error
  3. 5822 - Task import:build not working in 2.x
  4. 5976 - tools:find-repository-latlng overwrites existing values
  5. 6005 - add-superuser task error: default context does not exist

Import/export fixes

  1. 5750 - Importing place terms causes 500 error when navigating
  2. 5864 - XML import drops data in <unittitle> if it is wrapped in EAD tags like <corpname>
  3. 5788 - After XML import screen stays on import
  4. 5897 - CSV import (archival descriptions) does not work in 2.x
  5. 5870 - <bioghist> data dropped during import
  6. 5795 - XML export - name access points default to <persname>
  7. 5786 - Archival description with item-level digital objects don't Roundtrip EAD
  8. 5867 - <physdesc> data dropped during import

CSS fixes

  1. 5738 - Facet filter expand/collapse chevron icons are not displaying in Chrome
  2. 5758 - User Authority record permissions edit template needs CSS

Other fixes

  1. 5773 - Selecting Copyright as basis does not prompt copyright status options when right is linked to digital object
  2. 5895 - Global search throws 500 error when non-integer string appears in repos parameter
  3. 5868 - Problems with institution-specific user accounts in 2.x
  4. 5946 - Duplicate record for archival description in the search index when changing access point and other data

We've also pulled the latest translation strings from Transifex for inclusion in this release, including new translations in Catalan! Thank you to all our volunteers who help to make AtoM a truly global application. If you are interested in helping us translate AtoM's interface, please see our translator's contribution guide here:

We continue to do everything we can to improve AtoM with every release. To do so, we rely on the participation of our user community - so keep filing issue tickets or letting us know when you find bugs in the user forum; if you have the technical skills, consider contributing code, documentation, or translations; and if you or your institution has the resources, consider supporting the development of a feature - remember, the entire community benefits from every contribution!