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Released January 28, 2015


This release announcement was originally posted in the AtoM User Forum, and has been copied here. The original post can be seen at:

Greetings AtoM users!

A new security upgrade is now available for all our major branches. We strongly encourage all users to upgrade to the most recent security release. Security upgrade releases include:

  • AtoM 2.1.1 - the most current release
  • AtoM 2.0.2 - security upgrade for 2.0.1 users who have chosen not to upgrade to 2.1
  • ICA-AtoM 1.3.2 - security upgrade for ICA-AtoM users who have chosen not to upgrade to AtoM 2

All security releases are available on our Downloads page:

Upgrade instructions for AtoM 2 users can be found here:

For ICA-AtoM users looking to upgrade from 1.3.1 or earlier to the 1.3.2 security release, upgrade instructions can be found here:

PLEASE NOTE: We are not actively maintaining the legacy ICA-AtoM 1.x branch. At this time we do not expect to be making any further ICA-AtoM 1.x releases, as all active development is going to our 2.x branch. We encourage our global ICA-AtoM users to take this opportunity to explore AtoM 2, and consider upgrading to 2.1.2 to enjoy all the newest features. AtoM 2 shares the same code base, is managed by the same lead developers, and is released under the same open-source license. Key differences include a new look and feel, a vastly improved search index, and a completely rewritten set of documentation, as well as hundreds of bug fixes, dozens of new features, and a bright future as we continue to develop the application. Some links for more information:

These security releases were first announced 2 weeks ago, to give system administrators time to schedule an upgrade window. See the original advance announcement here:

Note that if you are a hosting client with Artefactual systems, your site has already been upgraded to the security release.

AtoM 2.1.1 also includes several minor bug fixes including:

  • #7352 - Search text box in AtoM clears text when clicking in / out of the text box
  • #7649 - Add --index option to Accessions CSV import CLI task
  • #7417 - Hide Archival history in public Advanced search if field is hidden via Visible elements
  • #7418 - Fix multiple deletion problem for Alternative identifiers in edit form
  • #7419 - Fix public search of Alternative identifier fields
  • #7282 - Fix URL export links in EAD when roundtripping
  • #7328 - Minor EAD mapping improvements

For a full list of issue tickets related to the 2.1.1 release, please see:

TRANSLATORS - Please note, there are NO new translation files included in the 2.1.1 release. Instead, we will be including them in an upcoming translation release, 2.1.2, which we anticipate releasing on February 9, 2015. For more information, please see this User forum post:

Meanwhile, we are hard at work on our 2.2 release, which will include a number of exciting new features. We expect the 2.2 release to be available later in Q1, or early Q2, of 2015.


Dan Gillean