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Released February 10, 2015


This release announcement was originally posted in the AtoM User Forum, and has been copied here. The original post can be seen at:

Greetings AtoM users!

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new 2.1.2 release. You can find it on our Downloads page:

This is a minor release that includes a few bug fixes, and updates to the translation files supplied by our volunteer translation community via Transifex. As of this release, here are the current translations available in AtoM:


Thank you to all of our volunteer translators for helping to make AtoM a truly international application!

At this time, we have locked contributions to the 2.1 translation files in Transifex. We will be porting these files over to the 2.2 project soon, at which point we encourage our translators to help us translate any new strings introduced in AtoM 2.2, or any older strings still awaiting tranlslation. I will make a post in the User Forum letting you know when we've updated the Transifex 2.2 project.

Release 2.1.2 also includes a few minor bug fixes, such as:

  • #7818 - An apostrophe in the authorized form of name will break edit page javascript for an authority record
  • #7850 - Make sfAPCCache work with php-apcu

For a full list of issue tickets related to the 2.1.2 release, see here.


Dan Gillean