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On this page, you'll find summaries about upcoming releases, and issue tickets related to them. As the releases are finalized, elements on this page will be used to draft the formal release announcements found here.


You can also check out the issues associated with upcoming releases by looking at the Roadmap page in our issue tracker.

Release 2.7

Our next major release. Features described below are currently scheduled for inclusion; more will be added over time.


General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13466 - Accession donors are not indexed properly

Sponsored by the Government of the Northwest Territories

  • #13315 - Add ability to associate events with accession records


Sponsored by Simon Fraser University Archives

  • #13383 - Support CAS single sign-on

Archivematica integration

Sponsored by Simon Fraser University Archives

  • #13351 - Support AIP download from AtoM UI for authorized users

Authority records

Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #13373 - Display warning for duplicate authority record identifiers

Command-line tasks

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13440 - Add ability for tools:expire-data to delete temp files
  • #13368 - Add CLI option to migration task to run individual migrations

Sponsored by Mills Archive

  • #13361 - Add option to cache XML task to generate only EAD or DC XML

Sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan Libraries

  • #13380 - Add CLI task to identify and delete unused access point terms

Digital objects

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13497 - Video derivatives not generated when linking via URL

Community pull request from Matt Innes

  • #13490 - Add support for subtitle and chapter tracks in video and audio digital objects

Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #13351 - Download AIP and AIP files from AtoM UI
  • #13395 - Add option to include digital objects in clipboard exports

Sponsored by Simon Fraser University Library

  • #13388 - Improve digital object metadata display
  • #13417 - Digital object preservation copy displays UCT time stamps

Sponsored by the Mills Archive

  • #13436 - Add API endpoint to download master digital object

Import and export

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13457 - Create command line task to delete records created by a CSV import

Scalability and performance

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13435 - Permission denied creating a new child description when Grant "create" on parent
  • #13437 - Digital object authorization code is too complicated

Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #11556 - Make AtoM's clipboard work with the Varnish Cache web application accelerator
  • #13389 - Support ability for reverse proxies like Varnish to cache content that's not in the default culture
  • #13415 - An archival description with many descendants loads slowly when the DO carousel is enabled


Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #13411 - Add setting to enable or disable repository "upload limit" widget


General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13423 - Full-width treeview fails to load for descriptions with 900K+ children
  • #13446 - Clicking on a description in the full-width treeview doesn't update the page URL
  • #13491 - Terms treeview list tab's "Next" pager button does not work

Other bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13297 - Privacy policy static page cannot be deleted from the menus
  • #13458 - PDF logo not included in PDF Finding Aids
  • #13469 - Do not return 404 responses from search/autocomplete when there are no results
  • #13506 - Copyright pop-up preview page no longer renders preview content

Community code contribution from Jason Hildebrand and PeaceWorks Technology Solutions

  • #13441 - Improve Dockerfile layers caching


This project in our issue tracker is where new unsponsored feature requests for Access to Memory (AtoM) can be added. This allows us to log feature requests, and begin discussion about requirements and design without adding confusion to the main AtoM project's issue tracker as to which features will be included in an upcoming release.

See the AtoM Wishlist project here:


Once you've followed the link above, you can click on the "Issues" link at the top of the page to browse all issue tickets in the AtoM Wishlist. You can sort the list of issues by clicking on a column header, and use the Filter drop-down menu to the right to customize the query.

How the Wishlist works

When features are sponsored by an institution, or developed and submitted via community pull request, they will be copied to the main AtoM project in our issue tracker (here), and marked verified in the Wishlist project. Developer discussion, quality assurance testing, and other related updates will be posted to the related development ticket in the main AtoM project.

The tested version tag can be used in the Wishlist's issue description to keep track of when the feature was requested (e.g. which version of AtoM was most recent when the feature request came in)

The target version will only be applied before a Wishlist ticket is verified (closed) and copied to the main AtoM project.


  • We've got information on our main AtoM issue tracker, and how you can use it to submit a bug report here: Resources/Issue tracker.
  • Got questions? Not sure if something is a bug or not, if a wishlist feature might be of interest to the rest of the community, or if something is already on our upcoming development roadmap? Why not make a post in our AtoM User Forum?