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On this page, you'll find summaries about upcoming releases, and issue tickets related to them. As the releases are finalized, elements on this page will be used to draft the formal release announcements found here.


You can also check out the issues associated with upcoming releases by looking at the Roadmap page in our issue tracker.

Release 2.7

Our next major release. Features described below are currently scheduled for inclusion; more will be added over time.


Community contributor Matt Innes has contributed a number of minor accessibility enhancements to the latest AtoM release, addressing elements such as adding missing aria labels or instructions, better tab navigation flow and general page structure improvements, removal of redundant elements affecting accessibility, etc. These changes do not affect the look or feel of AtoM, but should provide some quality of life improvements for users with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Community contributions from Matt Innes

  • #13535 - Enhance accessibility support of various AtoM template elements


This release sees some additional incremental support for elements of the Canadian Archival Accession Information Standard (CAAIS). In this release, we have added a basic module for managing events in conformance with CAAIS Element 5.1, which are "the actions taken by repository staff throughout the accession process." The 5.1.1 Event Type field is linked to a new Accession Events taxonomy that can be customized by an administrator as needed.

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13466 - Accession donors are not indexed properly

Sponsored by the Government of the Northwest Territories

  • #13315 - Add ability to associate events with accession records

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AtoM now supports use of the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol for single sign-on and authentication management. Additionally, the previously undocumented support for LDAP now has configuration instructions in the Administrator's manual (on the same page as the CAS documentation linked below).

Sponsored by Simon Fraser University Archives

  • #13383 - Support CAS single sign-on

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Archivematica integration

For users who are using AtoM with Archivematica, administrators who have Archivematica access can now download AIP and preservation files directly from AtoM. This coincides with the digital object metadata improvements described in the Digital objects section below.

Sponsored by Simon Fraser University Archives

  • #13351 - Support AIP download from AtoM UI for authorized users

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Authority records

This release adds a minor enhancement that will provide a warning notification to authenticated users when a duplicate authority record identifier is entered. This warning is never shown to public users, similar to existing warnings in the standards-based templates.

Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #13373 - Display warning for duplicate authority record identifiers

Command-line tasks

In addition to the CLI enhancements described in the Import/Export section below, this release also includes a new task to help system administrators remove temporary files, such as old saved clipboards and downloads found in the jobs subdirectory. When troubleshooting upgrade issues related to the database schema version, users an also use a new option on the tools:upgrade task to run individual schema migrations, in case one is missed during an upgrade process.

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13368 - Add CLI option to migration task to run individual migrations
  • #13440 - Add ability for tools:expire-data to delete temp files
  • #13500 - Add CLI task to generate finding aids

Sponsored by Mills Archive

  • #13361 - Add option to cache XML task to generate only EAD or DC XML

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Digital objects

The 2.7 release includes a number of minor enhancements to the Digital object functionality in AtoM. The Digital object metadata area has been expanded to display separate details about the original and all derivatives, and the corresponding public visibility controls in the Visible Elements module have also been expanded to match. Administrators can now enable an option that will allow public users to include digital objects in their clipboard downloads. A new API endpoint has been added to allow authorized users to access the master digital object associated with a description. Additionally, thanks to a community pull request, subtitle and chapter tracks can now be uploaded alongside audio and video digital objects.

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13497 - Video derivatives not generated when linking via URL

Community pull requests from Matt Innes

  • #13459 - Reintroduce responsive audio/video
  • #13471 - Clarify digital object derivative settings
  • #13490 - Add support for subtitle and chapter tracks in video and audio digital objects

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Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #13395 - Add option to include digital objects in clipboard exports

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Sponsored by Simon Fraser University Library

  • #13388 - Improve digital object metadata display
  • #13417 - Digital object preservation copy displays UCT time stamps

Related documentation

Sponsored by the Mills Archive

  • #13436 - Add API endpoint to download master digital object

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Finding aids and reports

We've addressed a few issues that prevented finding aids from generating when the Library of Congress EAD DTD was inaccessible by using a local DTD instead, and added a new administrative setting that can disable finding aid generation. When disabled, related finding view page links and advanced search filters will also be hidden in the user interface.

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13247 - Finding aid generation sometimes fails reading DTD file
  • #13590 - Finding aid generation fails due to a "403 Forbidden" error
  • #13593 - Add the ability to turn off finding aid features in the AtoM UI

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Import and export

The 2.7 release includes a new major module to support better CSV imports - the ability to validate a CSV prior to import, from the command-line or via the user interface. Additionally, an administrator can set validation to run automatically before any import if desired. We've also added a few command-line tasks to help verify imports or resolve issues - one task can audit a CSV against AtoM's database and report any rows that were not imported, and another task can delete descriptions created by a CSV import for cases where the import results were not as expected.

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13287 - Repository CSV import fails when new terms added to Description Statuses in import file
  • #13295 - Authority record CSV import fails when encountering new entity type (or variations in capitalization)
  • #13457 - Create command line task to delete records created by a CSV import
  • #13475 - Enhance AtoM's csv:check-import task to support pre-import validation
  • #13561 - Add ability to use CSV check task on a directory full of CSV files
  • #13567 - CSV authority record import requires identifier column be populated
  • #13569 - Add CSV audit import task

The development of this tool has been made possible by the Council of Nova Scotia Archives and the Library and Archives Canada's Documentary Heritage Communities Programs

  • #13508 - Integrate AtoM's CSV Validator into the Web UI

Sponsored by UN Geneva Library

  • #13549 - Add slug column to CSV information object export

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It's now possible to enable the Copyright pop-up to apply to all digital objects in AtoM, without needing to individually apply Rights statements to each related record for the pop-up to trigger.

Sponsored by the UN Archives Geneva

  • #13570 - Add ability to apply copyright pop-up globally without accompanying Rights statement

Related documentation

Scalability and performance

General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13435 - Permission denied creating a new child description when Grant "create" on parent
  • #13437 - Digital object authorization code is too complicated

Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #11556 - Make AtoM's clipboard work with the Varnish Cache web application accelerator
  • #13389 - Support ability for reverse proxies like Varnish to cache content that's not in the default culture
  • #13415 - An archival description with many descendants loads slowly when the DO carousel is enabled


Sponsored by an undisclosed institution

  • #13411 - Add setting to enable or disable repository "upload limit" widget

Related documentation


General bug fixes and enhancements

  • #13423 - Full-width treeview fails to load for descriptions with 900K+ children
  • #13446 - Clicking on a description in the full-width treeview doesn't update the page URL
  • #13491 - Terms treeview list tab's "Next" pager button does not work

Other bug fixes and enhancements

  • #12628 - Drag and drop on full-width treeview makes it difficult for public users to scroll on mobile devices
  • #13297 - Privacy policy static page cannot be deleted from the menus
  • #13458 - PDF logo not included in PDF Finding Aids
  • #13469 - Do not return 404 responses from search/autocomplete when there are no results
  • #13506 - Copyright pop-up preview page no longer renders preview content
  • #13586 - Certain special characters displays incorrectly in Web Page Title

Community code contributions from Matt Innes

  • #10682 - Cannot create new authority record and add relationship at the same time
  • #13218 - Error when adding function related to another
  • #13499 - Various relation dialog fixes and improvements
  • #13515 - Capitalize initial letter of languages in menu
  • #13544 - Exclude narrower terms link and filter tag always link to description results

Community code contribution from Jason Hildebrand and PeaceWorks Technology Solutions

  • #13441 - Improve Dockerfile layers caching


This project in our issue tracker is where new unsponsored feature requests for Access to Memory (AtoM) can be added. This allows us to log feature requests, and begin discussion about requirements and design without adding confusion to the main AtoM project's issue tracker as to which features will be included in an upcoming release.

See the AtoM Wishlist project here:


Once you've followed the link above, you can click on the "Issues" link at the top of the page to browse all issue tickets in the AtoM Wishlist. You can sort the list of issues by clicking on a column header, and use the Filter drop-down menu to the right to customize the query.

How the Wishlist works

When features are sponsored by an institution, or developed and submitted via community pull request, they will be copied to the main AtoM project in our issue tracker (here), and marked verified in the Wishlist project. Developer discussion, quality assurance testing, and other related updates will be posted to the related development ticket in the main AtoM project.

The tested version tag can be used in the Wishlist's issue description to keep track of when the feature was requested (e.g. which version of AtoM was most recent when the feature request came in)

The target version will only be applied before a Wishlist ticket is verified (closed) and copied to the main AtoM project.


  • We've got information on our main AtoM issue tracker, and how you can use it to submit a bug report here: Resources/Issue tracker.
  • Got questions? Not sure if something is a bug or not, if a wishlist feature might be of interest to the rest of the community, or if something is already on our upcoming development roadmap? Why not make a post in our AtoM User Forum?