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This area of the wiki will capture documentation related to ongoing development of AtoM - feature proposals, developer discussions, modules under development consideration, and more. Developers can discuss the best solutions to issues, and analysts will post design considerations based on their own domain knowledge as well as feedback from the community. When relevant, we will also try to document the evolution of features over time.

Contributions are welcome!

Development resources

These are pages that have been created to assist developers interested in working with AtoM's code, and sharing that code with the broader AtoM community.

Development modules

Here you'll find pages dedicated to specific features, entities, and modules in AtoM. Historical development discussions, development updates in AtoM 2, and discussion about potential future development might all be included in each section.

Development projects

Information about historical AtoM development or research projects, as well as contemporary ones, can be found in this section.

Development philosophy

Thoughts on the AtoM project's community-driven development model and Artefactual's "bounty model" of open-source project maintenance.

For a full list of pages currently available in this section of the wiki, please see the Development documentation category link at the bottom of the page.