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The treeview is a contextual and navigation element located in the context menu for archival descriptions, and term browse pages (such as places and subjects). It shows the current record’s relationships to other records, with links - for example, the hierarchical placement of archival descriptions within a fonds, or the hierarchical placement of a term (such as a subject or place) within a taxonomy. The treeview can also be used for navigation, offering users a graphical representation of the descriptive or taxonomic hierarchy that can be clicked on to move from one record or another.

On this page you'll find historical development documentation about the treeview in earlier versions of ICA-AtoM, information about development enhancements added to 2.x, and discussions about future development considerations for enhancing the treeview, including improvements to its usability, performance, and scalability.


For information on the current functionality of the treeview in AtoM, please see the Treeview entry on the Context menu page, in the "Access content" section of the AtoM User Manual.

Historical development documentation

Early development documentation, copied from the now-defunct Qubit-Toolkit wiki, which was originally used to capture development focused resources and documentation for AtoM development. For users interested in the initial design considerations that went into the treeview, changes made in earlier versions, and community feedback received about those changes, this is a good place to start.

2.x development

This page will capture a brief summary of bug fixes and enhancements added to the treeview since the AtoM 2.0.0 release

Future development

This page is a place to document feature requests, add wishlist items, consider implementation challenges, add requirements, and other considerations and content related to possible future development of the treeview in AtoM. Note that considerations posted here do not guarantee inclusion in a future release. It's also a place for developers to discuss design and implementation challenges, for analysts to post wireframes, and more.


You can check our Project roadmap to see if there is any upcoming treeview development!