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This area of the wiki contains resources that may be helpful to the AtoM user community, or those considering AtoM for use at their institution.

AtoM security announcements

This is where we will share any information about upstream security issues in the libraries we use in AtoM, and how we recommend addressing them.

AtoM project development philosophy

Learn more about AtoM's origins, its community-driven development model, and Artefactual's bounty model approach to maintaining the project.

Requirement sources

AtoM was originally built around the international archival standards maintained by the International Council on Archives (ICA). The application contains templates with tooltips that refer to these original requirement standards. This is where the application tooltips link.

Papers and Presentations

Papers and conference presentations given about AtoM and ICA-AtoM


Check out the Webinars and videos section of our community resources as well!

Bug reports and Issue tracker

Instructions on how to report bugs or issues while using AtoM.

CSV templates

CSV templates for importing data into AtoM, versioned by major release.

Metadata crosswalk

Crosswalk between the metadata standards supported by AtoM.

Community resources

Tutorials, style guides, helpful examples, and custom scripts, themes, and other development modules created by the AtoM community.


Information about the User, Administrator, and Developer Manuals available on our website, including the platform used to create them, and how you can contribute to them.

Contribute to the AtoM wiki

A style guide with information on how the AtoM wiki is organized, and tips on how to best contribute content to the wiki.

User forum

Information on our AtoM User Forum, suggested guidelines for posting, and a full list of tags we use in the User forum to make exploring it easier.


Still looking for help and ideas? Check out our user forum:

Contribute translations

A guide on how you can contribute user interface translations to the AtoM project.

Community code of conduct

Guidelines for healthy communication and collaboration among AtoM community members, and steps for conflict resolution.

Code repository

Information on AtoM's code repository - where to find the code, and useful suggestions for how to take advantage of it for development.