User accounts tests

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  • Create new user
  • Username and Email are required data entry fields. Attempts to save without these fields filled-in results in red validation warning "required" and record cannot be saved.
  • New user does not require password and confirmation password in order to save new user record.
  • Default behaviour is to make new user Active.
  • To make a user inactive, deselect Active box. Save user and ICA-AtoM returns red warning "This user is inactive."
  • If password is created and confirmation password does not match. ICA-AtoM generates a red validation warning: "Your password confirmation did not match you password."
  • Will not save new user if mismatched.
  • Create matching password and confirmation and ICA-AtoM responds with "Password match: Yes" and provides a password strength indicator bar
  • Save user (create)
  • OR, Cancel (do not save new user) and AtoM returns you to the "List users" screen
  • If saved, User can login with email/password


  • "List users" screen has two tabs - Show active only and Show inactive only
  • Active users are shown under the corresponding tab
  • Inactive users are shown under the corresponding tab
  • Display correct user data after creation (including groups, permissions)
  • Display correct user data after edit (including groups, permissions)
  • "my profile" link (upper right of screen in Caribou) shows current user's account
  • "my profile" link (upper right of screen in Trillium has a "Quick links" drop-down, it is listed below) shows current user's account
  • Non admin user can't see other user's account - "Sorry you do not have permission to access that page"


  • Edit user data
  • Update/change password
  • Validation: mismatched password and confirm password
  • Save user (edit)
  • Cancel save (-> show page)
  • User can login with new email/password


  • Delete confirmation
  • Delete cancel
  • Once deleted, a user can't login anymore

Assign groups

  • Under "Access Control" Add group to user
  • Add multiple groups to user
  • Add duplicate group to user - AtoM responds with highlight of duplicate and will not assign group twice (one group assigned on save)
  • Remove new group (not saved) from user
  • Remove existing group (was saved) from user by clicking "x" next to group
  • Remove all groups from user

Assign permissions

  • Add permission for user
  • Remove permission from user
  • Remove all permissions from user