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Functional testing starts with a list of steps which must be completed to verify that specific modules and/or features are working in AtoM. These lists can be used for manual testing, for creating automated functional tests, or for updating automating functional tests when/if the application/interface changes.

This document was created at the time of AtoM 2.0.1, just prior to the AtoM 2.1 release. As such, it will begin by documenting AtoM 2.1 functional tests. If you are trying to perform functional testing on an earlier version of AtoM or ICA-AtoM, we recommend consulting the User Manual for each to verify where functionality is different. For each major release, we will be versioning the AtoM 2 documentation, so previous version can remain available:

For future versions of AtoM (e.g. 2.2, etc.), we will add a version-specific note to the existing functional testing docs where relevant.

If you are performing tests and encounter a bug, please let us know! We use Redmine as our issue ticketing system. Information on its use, and how we prefer that bugs be filed, can be found here: Resources/Issue tracker.

Please remember to search in Redmine for your issue before creating a new one - thanks! If you are uncertain about whether or not you have encountered a bug, you are welcome to make a post to our User forum.