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Contents: Notes | Mapping | Taxonomies


  • This table maps each RAD element to the corresponding Qubit fields used for data-entry input and output views
  • Note that Qubit does not directly import or export RAD descriptions. This is done via EAD, MARC21 or other exchange standard mapping.
  • Repeating indicates that a RAD element can contain multiple values.
  • RAD-specific taxonomies (value lists) are described in the Taxonomies section.


1.1 Title and statement of responsibility area

RAD Repeating? Fields Input Output
1.1B Title proper No information_object::title   getRADTitle( )
  • Returns all RAD title elements formatted by RAD punctuation rules:

TitleProper [GMD1, GMD2, GMD3] = ParallelTitle : OtherTitleInfo / StatementOfResponsibility1 ; StatementofResponsibility2 ; StatementOfResponsibility3

1.1C General material designation Yes property::name="general_material_designation" value=" " Use with controlled taxonomy drawn from RAD terms (GMD taxonomy).  
1.1D Parallel titles
  • Not just a supplied translation, but should appear in title of object itself, e.g. government document with a title in both official lanugages. See RAD 1.1D1: "Do not create parallel titles if they do not appear prominently with the formal title proper in the chief source of information."


1.1E Other title information No

property::name="other title information" value=" "

  Include in title display via getRADTitle( ).
1.1F Statements of responsibility Yes property::name="statement_of_responsibility" value=" "    

1.2 Edition area

RAD Repeating? Fields Input Output
1.2B Edition statement No information_object::edition   getRADEdition( )
  • Returns edition and any statements of responsibility relating to edition properties.
1.2C Statements of responsibility relating to the edition Yes property::name="statement_of_responsibility_relating_to_edition"  

1.3 Class of material specific details area

RAD Repeating? Fields Input Output
5.3B Statement of scale (cartographic material) No

property::name="statement_of_scale" value=" "

5.3B Statement of projection (cartographic material) No property::name="statement_of_projection" value=" "    
5.3D Statements of coordinates (cartographic material) No property::name="statement_of_coordinates" value=" "    
6.3B Statement of scale (architectural and technical drawings) No property::name="statement_of_scale" value=" "    
12.3B Issuing jurisdiction (philatelic records) No property::name="jurisdiction_denomination" value=" "
  • Implement these two elements as a single statement / field because their relation is often 1 to many, e.g. "Canada : 4 cents, 40 cents".
12.3C Denomination (philatelic records) No    

1.4 Dates of creation, including publication, distribution, etc. area

RAD Repeating? Fields Input Output
1.4B Date(s) of creation Yes event::type="creation/accumulation" actor_role="creator" description=" " Allow user to specify type of date, using Creation events taxonomy getDates($eventType=" ")
1.4C Place of publication, distribution, etc. Yes event::type="publication/distribution" actor_role="publisher/distributor" description=" "
  • Elements 1.4C/D/E/F applicable only at item level.
Creation context interface allows user to select / enter name, place, start year, end year, actor role, and brief description.  
1.4D Name of publisher, distributor, etc Yes
1.4E Statement of function of publisher, distributor, etc. Yes
1.4F Date of publication, distribution, etc. Yes
1.4G Place of manufacture, name of manufacturer, date of manufacture Yes

1.5 Physical description area

RAD Repeating? Fields Input Output
1.5B Extent of descriptive unit (including specific material designation) Yes information_object::extent_and_medium
  • Although RAD includes 4 separate elements, C, D, E are all qualifiers of B and need to accompany it in a single extent statement, e.g. "6 photographs [1.5B] : b&w [1.5C] ; 6 x 6 cm [1.5D] + 1 identification key [1.5E]."
  • Any description can have multiple statements (.B + .C + .D + .E).
All elements mapped onto single Qubit field.
  • Leave it to user to separate / punctuate according to RAD rules.
1.5C Other physical details Yes
1.5D Dimensions Yes
1.5E Accompanying material Yes

1.6 Publisher's series area

RAD Repeating Field Input Output
1.6 Title proper of publisher's series
  • These elements are used for item-level description only.
  • Applies to published works and published or unpublished works of arts that belong to series.
No property::name="publishers_series_title_proper"    
1.6C Parallel titles of publisher's series Yes property::name="publishers_series_parallel_title"    
1.6D Other title information of publisher's series No property::name="publishers_series_other_title_info"    
1.6E Statement of responsibility relating to publisher's series Yes property::name="publishers_series_statement_of_responsibility"    
1.6F Numbering within publisher's series No property::name="publishers_series_numbering"    

1.7 Archival description area

RAD Repeating Field Input Output
1.7B Administrative history / biographical sketch Yes actor::history   getCreator( ) > getHistory ( )
1.7C Custodial history No information_object::archival_history   getArchivalHistory( )
1.7D Scope and content No information_object::scope_and_content   getScopeAndContent( )

1.8 Notes area

RAD Repeating Field Input Output
1.8B1 Variations in title No note::type="variation in title"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B2 Source of title proper No note::type="source of title proper"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B3 Parallel titles and other title information No note::type="parallel titles and other title information"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B4 Continuation of title No note::type="continuation of title"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B5 Statements of responsibility No note::type="statement of responsibility"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B6 Attributions and conjectures No note::type="attribution and conjecture"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B7 Edition No note::type="edition"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B8 Date(s) of creation No note::type="dates_of_creation"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B8a Date(s) of accumulation No note::type="dates_of_accumulation"    
1.8B9 Physical description No note::type="physcial description"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B9a Physical condition No information_object::physical_characteristics   getPhysicalCharacteristics( )
1.8B9b Conservation No note::type="conservation"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B9c Accompanying material Yes note::type="accompanying_material"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B10 Publisher's series No note::type="publishers series"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B11 Alpha-numeric designations Yes note::type="alpha-numeric designations"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B12 Immediate source of acquisition No information_object::acquisition   getAcquisition( )
1.8B13 Arrangement No information_object::arrangement   getArrangement( )
1.8B14 Language Yes property::information_object_language


  getLanguages( )

getScripts( )

1.8B15a Location of originals Yes information_object::location_of_originals   getLocationOfOriginals( )
1.8B15b Availability of other formats Yes information_object::location_of_copies   getLocationOfCopies( )
1.8B16a Restrictions on access No information_object::access_conditions   getAccessConditions( )
1.8B16b Rights No note::type="rights"   getNotesByType( )
1.8B16c Terms governing use and reproduction No information_object::reproduction_conditions   getReproductionConditions( )
1.8B16d Terms governing publication No information_object::reproduction_conditions   getReproductionConditions( )
1.8B17 Finding aids Yes information_object::finding_aids   getFindingAids( )
1.8B18 Associated material Yes information_object::related_units_of_description   getRelatedUnitsOfDescription( )
1.8B19 Accruals No information_object::accruals   getAccruals( )
1.8B20 Related groups of records in different fonds Yes information_object::related_units_of_description   getRelatedUnitsOfDescription( )
1.8B20a Related groups of records within the same fonds Yes information_object::related_units_of_description   getRelatedUnitsOfDescription( )
1.8B21 General note Yes note::type="general note"   getNotesByType( )

1.9 Standard number area

RAD Repeating? Field Method Notes
1.9B Standard number
  • Used at item level only for international standard numbers (e.g. ISBN, ISSN).
No property::name="standard number" value=" "    


General material designation (GMD)

  • Architectural drawing
  • Cartographic material
  • Graphic material
  • Moving images
  • Multiple media
  • Object
  • Philatelic record
  • Sound recording
  • Technical drawing
  • Textual record

Note that RAD 1.1C4 allows GMD to be qualified for records in electronic form, on microform or for the visually impaired:

  • electronic
  • large print
  • microform
  • tactile

Creation event types

  • Creation
  • Accumulation
  • Publication
  • Distribution
  • Broadcast
  • Reproduction
  • Copyright
  • Manufacture

Actor roles

  • Creator
  • Collector
  • Custodian
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Contributor
  • Translator
  • Compiler
  • Publisher
  • Distributor
  • Broadcaster
  • Manufacturer

RAD title notes

Use in Title area to add only notes relating to title:

  • Variations in title
  • Source of title proper
  • Parallel titles and other title information
  • Continuation of title
  • Statements of responsibility
  • Attributions and conjectures

RAD notes

Use in Notes area div as drop-down list for adding any notes that have no ISAD(G) analog.

  • Variations in title
  • Source of title proper
  • Parallel titles and other title information
  • Continuation of title
  • Statements of responsibility
  • Attributions and conjectures
  • Edition
  • Date(s) of creation
  • Date(s) of accumulation
  • Physical description
  • Conservation
  • Accompanying material
  • Publisher's series
  • Alpha-numeric designations
  • Rights
  • General note
  • Should we create a seperate RAD Levels of Description taxonomy?
    • eg, to deal with labelling 'discrete items'