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This is historical development documentation, migrated from the now-defunct Artefactual wiki. The content was first added and last updated on November 7, 2008. For more information, see the landing page for this development project: BCAUL Pilot Project. The content was moved to the AtoM wiki on July 29, 2015.


Existing BCAUL can export repository records using XML tags that correspond to BCAUL database field names. This document maps the BCAUL fields to analogs in Qubit to support bulk import of the data into Qubit.


The following table lists each BCAUL field, a sample of the type of data it contains, the corresponding Qubit field, an indication of whether the data should be migrated or not, and notes/comments/explanations.

BCAUL field Sample data Qubit field Migrate Notes
Control code SFU repository::identifier Yes Continue to use BCAUL repository codes or integrate with LAC's Interlibrary Loan's Library symbols?
Repository Simon Fraser University. Archives and Records Management Department actor::authorized_form_of_name Yes  
Website http://www.sfu.ca/archives contact_information::website Yes  
Contact Ian Forsyth, University Archivist / Information and Privacy Coordinator contact_information::contact_person Yes  
Address 8888 University Dr contact_information::street_address Yes BCAUL data includes street, city, province, postal code; need way to extract street_address only.
Phone (778) 772-3261 contact_information::telephone Yes  
Email archives@sfu.ca contact_information::email Yes  
Hours Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-12:30, 13:30-16:00; Closed Monday repository::opening_time Yes  
Summary Total Volume: 1,567.59 metres

Inclusive Dates: 1900-1995

Predominant Dates: 1963-1990

repository::holdings Yes  
Holdings The mandate of the Archives is to acquire original archival materials that document ... repository::collecting_policies Yes On basis of sample data, BCAUL Holdings maps more closely is ISDIAH Records management and collecting policies (5.3.5) than to ISDIAH Archival and other holdings (5.3.7).
Fax (778) 782-4047 contact_information::fax Yes  
Online resources Web site provides information about the following program areas ... repository::finding_aids Yes  
City Burnaby contact_information::city Yes  
Type University/College repository::type_id Yes Need to harmonize BCAUL and default Qubit repository types taxonomies.

Migration issues


1 BCAUL repository record generates:

  • 1 Qubit object (assigns unique Qubit database id)
  • 1 actor (corporate body authority record)
  • 1 repository (description of holdings etc).
  • 1 contact_information (store address data, primary_contact=1).

Repository codes

  • Need policy decision: how to form repository codes.
  • ISDIAH assumes national authority to assign.
  • LAC currently maintains a registry to assign codes for libraries that participates in interlibrary loan programs, includes some archives.


  • BCAUL Address field merges data that is managed in Qubit as separate fields: street_address, city, region (i.e. province), country, postal_code.
  • On import can globally set region="BC", country="Canada".
  • Qubit city maps to BCAUL City.
  • Need method for extracting street_address and postal_code from BCAUL Address.

Repository type

  • Need to harmonize BCAUL and Qubit taxonomies.
  • Need policy decision: retain existing BCAUL value list, replace by default Qubit value list or create new value list.
  • Determine before migration, use appropriate Qubit term ids on import.