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This section of the wiki includes a list of AtoM-related community resources, beyond just what we maintain in our public documentation - and much of it generated by members of our community! We've organized the content into sections to try to make it easier to browse.

This list is just what we've come across so far - we know there's a lot more out there! Have a resource to add, or one that you know about which is publicly available? Please help us by adding it!


Check out the list of papers and presentations in our Resources section:

Curious about how AtoM is maintained and developed? Read more on community-driven development and the AtoM project here:


This page includes examples of community generated documentation - style guides, install instructions, institutional descriptive policies for AtoM use, and more.

Tutorials and workshops

On this page you will find a collection of resources created to support the delivery of workshops, tutorials, training sessions, and the like.

Webinars and videos

On this page you will find links to webinars and other video recordings that have been created about AtoM.


Here we will link some examples of AtoM customization by community members which can be achieved without developer support, such as user-created help documentation using AtoM static pages (or on an affiliated website), community institutional theming examples using AtoM's built-in institutional theming, and more.

Community development

In this section, we'll add links to custom patches, plugins, themes, forks, images and virtual machines, as well as other resources developed by community users and publicly available for developers to explore and work with.