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This is historical development documentation that was migrated from a now-defunct wiki. The content was first created on December 12, 2008, and last updated on December 18, 2008. The contents were migrated to the AtoM wiki in July 2015. Some changes have been made to the layout for greater legibility; otherwise the content is unchanged. See the DCB development project landing page for more information: Alouette Toolkit (DCB).


  • Provide Qubit interface for describing resources using the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DC).
  • Create separate templates for Simple DC (15 elements) and Qualified DC (7 additional elements plus a number of qualifiers that extend or refine the original elements).
  • Note that DC does not define a prescribed order of elements.


  • Not always a direct one-to-one mapping between DC elements and Qubit database fields.
  • For mapping, see [Development/Projects/BCAUL_Pilot/Metadata_mapping/DC|Metadata Mapping: Qubit Input / Export - Dublin Core]].

Design issues

Good to break up the data entry screen in collapsible divs, but DC standard provides no basis for grouping elements.

Mock-ups include options for:

  • Simple DC "unstructured" (all DC elements in one div).
Simple Dublin Core "unstructured" approach: all Simple DC elements in one div
  • Simple DC "structured" (DC elements grouped in several divs).
Simple Dublin Core "structured" approach: Simple DC elements organized into several divs
  • Qualified DC "structured".
Qualified Dublin Core: same as "structured" but with additional "Access and use" div

Field labels

  • Follow prescriptions of the Using Dublin Core User Guide.
  • User Guide practice not always consistent with the element labels given in the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set Version 1.1 (ISO 15836).
  • Where the ISO standard generally give element name and label the same value but different cases (lower vs sentence), the User Guide labels sometimes add words (e.g. "Rights Management" vs "Rights").
  • Which authority to use? The mock-ups follow the User Guide; discrepancies are indicated in the notes.


Mock-up for Simple DC "unstructured"

Mock-ups for Simple and Qualified DC "structured" approach

Control area, Digital object, and Storage location are the same standard Qubit sections.