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This is historical development documentation that was migrated from a now-defunct wiki. The content was first created on December 12, 2008, and last updated on December 18, 2008. The contents were migrated to the AtoM wiki in July 2015. Some changes have been made to the layout for greater legibility; otherwise the content is unchanged. See the DCB development project landing page for more information: Alouette Toolkit (DCB).

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DC Related Resources area: same for Simple and Qualified
Future iteration: handle DC elements via Qubit relations


Simple DC distinguishes the source element (resource from which present resource is derived) and the more general relation element.

  • Qualified DC adds 13 qualifiers that refine the relation element.
  • Currently, these can only be implemented in Qubit as text fields, no difference in implementation in Simple or Qualified DC templates.
  • Exception: Qualified DC relation (partOf) is required by Qubit to manage hierarchical levels of description (information_object::parent_id).

In a future iteration, all relations (to source or other objects) should be managed by Qubit relation table.

Level of description

  • Qubit-required field (information_object::level_of_description) allowing user to characterize different types and levels of "parts".
  • Ship with a default "DC Levels of Description" taxonomy that administrators can customize.

Is part of

  • Qubit-required field (information_object::parent_id) that links current description to parent object.

Other relations

  • DC relation element.
  • Maps to Qubit information_object::related_units_of_description.
  • Requires user to manually enter proper DC qualifiers.


  • DC source element.
  • Does not map to any core Qubit field.
  • Handle via Qubit property::name="source" value=" "