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This is historical development documentation that was migrated from a now-defunct wiki. The content was first created on December 12, 2008, and last updated on December 18, 2008. The contents were migrated to the AtoM wiki in July 2015. Some changes have been made to the layout for greater legibility; otherwise the content is unchanged. See the DCB development project landing page for more information: Alouette Toolkit (DCB).

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DC Creator / publisher / contributor / dates area: same for Simple and Qualified DC


Qubit implements dates as events associating an actor with an information_object over a certain period of time (date range). Therefore DC creator, publisher, contributor and date elements are handled by Qubit through the event table and the new event dialog box interface for data entry.

The new event dialog box is the standard Qubit interface for registering events and is used by all templates.

Simple DC:

Drop-down value list for Event type ("DC Simple event types" taxonomy):

  • Creation
  • Publication
  • Contribution

Qualified DC:

Drop-down value list for Event type ("DC Qualified event types" taxonomy):

  • Creation
  • Publication
  • Contribution
  • Provenance [custodian]
  • Rights Holder
  • Date Created
  • Date Valid
  • Date Available
  • Date Issued
  • Date Modified
  • Date Accepted
  • Date Copyrighted
  • Date Submitted

Note that the Qualified DC value list handles two Qualified DC elements: provenance and rightsHolder as well as all of the qualifiers that refine the date element.