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On this page we'll try to gather up all the information we can about anyone who has contributed code to the AtoM project. If you've shared code that has been incorporated into a public AtoM release, we want to acknowledge your contributions! Have we missed you or someone else you know? Help us fill this page in and keep it up to date!


We're also tracking our volunteer community translators on this page: Translators

Interested in contributing code to the public AtoM project? Here are some helpful links!

Artefactual contributors

Here's a list of Artefactual code contributors, past and present.

Artefactual code contributors
Name AtoM version(s)
Peter Van Garderen ICA-AtoM beta - Release 2.0.0
David Juhasz ICA-AtoM beta -
Jack Bates ICA-AtoM beta - Release 1.1
MJ Suhonos ICA-AtoM beta - Release 1.1
Jesús García Crespo ICA-AtoM beta - Release 2.4
Mike Cantelon Release 1.2 -
Mike Gale Release 1.3 - Release 2.5
Misty De Meo Release 2.0.0 - Release 2.2
Justin Simpson Release 2.0.0 - Release 2.0.1
José Raddaoui Marín Release 2.1 -
Steve Breker Release 2.3 -
Douglas Cerna Release 2.6 -

Community contributors

Community developers who have submitted pull requests or patches to AtoM, which have been incorporated into a subsequent public release.


Are we missing your name? Help us give credit where credit is due! You can let us know via, or better yet, why not log in and add your name yourself!

Community code contributors
Name AtoM version(s) Notes
Kehan Harman Release 2.0.0, Release 2.1 3 commits
Edgar Rossil Release 2.1 1 commit
Jen Whitney Release 2.1 2 commits
Séamus O'Connor Release 2.1 3 commits
Tim Hutchinson Release 2.1 5 commits
Steve Breker Release 2.1, Release 2.2 3 commits
Gioele Barabucci Release 2.1, Release 2.2 4 commits
Zachary Howarth Release 2.2 2 commits
Mark Triggs Release 2.2 3 commits (1, 2, 3)
Damian Bauder Release 2.3 1 commit
Andrew Foster Release 2.3 1 commit
David Lung Release 2.3 3 commits (1, 2, 3)
Pierre Mancini Release 2.3 1 commit
Margaret Vail Release 2.4 1 commit
Martin Malmsten Release 2.4 commit
Darryl Friesen Release 2.4 2 commits (1, 2)
Jason Hildebrand Release 2.4 1 commit
Kenji Kobayashi Release 2.4.1 1 commit
Rohan Ferris Release 2.6 1 commit